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A Bill of Sale is an official document or certificate that signifies the transfer of ownership of goods from the previous owner to the new owner. We offer templates for creating such bills. By utilizing this bill, you can effectively maintain a record of your sales and purchases, serving as valuable evidence in case of any potential future disputes regarding the possession of the item, whether for the seller or the purchaser.

Business Bill of Sale Form
Bill of Sale Aircraft Template

The bill of sale form serves the purpose of facilitating the buying and selling of various goods or assets, including but not limited to vehicles, personal property (referred to as a general bill of sale), boats, trailers, firearms, horses, and more.

How to write a bill of sale

You can obtain the bill of sale template online for your convenience, or you have the option to create it from scratch. However, crafting the form yourself increases the likelihood of errors and mistakes. Conversely, by utilizing these templates, the formatting is carefully designed to minimize errors and save you time and hassle. You simply need to fill in the provided blanks, including the names of the buyer and seller, dates, and signatures, as the rest of the form is already preprinted.

If you are utilizing the form for the first time, it is important to familiarize yourself with the language and key terms used in the bill. The term “As-is” is used to indicate that the item being purchased is in its current condition without any warranties. “Gift” is employed when the item is given to the buyer without any expectation of payment in return.

The heading “Buyer” is where the name of the purchaser is written, while the seller’s name is recorded under the heading “Seller.” A “Notary Public” refers to a neutral third-party public officer who can provide professional services, which can also be available at local banks.

The “Payment” refers to the amount that will be exchanged between the buyer and the seller as part of the transaction. When trading a car, the “Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)” is a unique code that consists of a combination of numbers and letters, which is essential to include on the form.

All of these aforementioned terms will be included in the printable bill of sale, and it is important to familiarize yourself with them if you are involved in a purchase or sale.

Sample Bill of Sale with Examples

The bill of sale word template is designed to be printable, allowing you the convenience of printing it from any location and using any printer. As previously mentioned, the formatting of the template ensures that there are no errors or incorrect printouts.

If you are interested in understanding the formatting of the template, an example of a vehicle bill of sale can be provided.

Once all the necessary procedures have been completed and the columns are filled in, both the buyer and seller retain a copy of the document as evidence of the transaction. Typically, the original copy is kept by the buyer.

Our website provides these straightforward bill of sale templates, which you can conveniently customize according to your needs. You can fill in all the required information and easily print it out for your reference. The printed document will be clear and legible, allowing you to create as many copies as desired.

Bill of Sale Form

The bill of sale pdf & word template provides a format that allows you to edit and customize the template according to your requirements before printing it out. If you prefer not to print it immediately, you can simply download or save it on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

The bill of sale plays a crucial role in documenting and confirming the transaction of a good or item. Apart from using the free bill of sale for official purposes, you can also utilize it for educational purposes. The templates enable you to learn about the formatting of the bill and how to complete the document. This knowledge helps ensure that you include all the necessary headings in your bill and safeguards you against potential fraud in the future. These templates serve as a valuable resource for enhancing your understanding.

By visiting our website, you can gain insights into the bill of sale, its uses, functionality, importance, and formatting. Additionally, the provided template samples can be printed and utilized for official purposes whenever and wherever needed.

These templates are especially convenient if you prefer a digital format for the bill, making them easily usable online. In such cases, having a printout is not mandatory, particularly when the transaction is conducted online.


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The bill can be conveniently sent to the person you are transacting with, who can then digitally complete the form. Digital signatures can also be utilized, ensuring a smooth process. These online forms represent the next progression towards a promising future in the era of digitalization.

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