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Aircraft Bill of Sale Form Template (Airplane) in PDF

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Are you interested in purchasing or selling an airplane? If so, the Aircraft Bill of Sale is a document that will be important for you. It contains all the necessary information about the transfer of ownership of the aircraft from one person to another.

Printable Aircraft Bill of Sale Form

The Airplane Bill of Sale is a legally required document that must be submitted to the Federal Aviation Authorities of the United States, in compliance with the FAA. In this article, we will comprehensively address all the relevant information about the Airplane Bill of Sale, aiming to provide guidance to our readers.



Bill of Sale Aircraft

Selling an airplane or aircraft is not a common transaction, as these vehicles fall under the jurisdiction of the FAA. It is crucial to provide all the necessary details to the relevant authorities in accordance with the FAA regulations when selling an airplane. To establish the change of ownership of the aircraft, you can utilize the Airplane Bill of Sale as a legal document.



How to Submit an Airplane Bill of Sale?

The process of filing an Airplane Bill of Sale with the FAA involves several steps. Fortunately, we have prepared a standardized template for the Airplane Bill of Sale to assist our readers in completing this procedure conveniently.

Bill of Sale form for Aircraft

Therefore, there is no need to search elsewhere for the airplane bill of sale template, as we provide it here. Additionally, we offer a step-by-step guide to help readers with the filing process for the airplane bill of sale. This guide aims to simplify the understanding of the entire procedure involved in submitting the bill of sale for an airplane.



Step 1: Negotiate the Price of the Plane with the Seller

Negotiation is the initial step in any sale agreement. The buyer must engage in discussions with the seller to reach a final price for the airplane. It is important for the buyer to clarify other terms of the sale, such as the refund policy.

Step 2: Set the Final Sale Amount and Complete the Bill of Sale

Once both the buyer and seller agree on a specific selling price for the airplane, they need to fill out the bill of sale form. It is essential that the seller completes this form in the presence of the buyer, ensuring alignment on all mutually agreed-upon points. The seller must complete two copies of the bill, with one copy to be submitted to the FAA. The following information must be provided in the bill of sale:

  • Date of the airplane sale
  • Basic details of the airplane, including the model year, manufacturing date, and name of the manufacturing company
  • Full name and address of the buyer
  • Full name and address of the seller
  • Final sale amount
  • Date of transferring possession of the airplane
  • Location or province where the sale transaction is taking place

Step 3: Conduct the Final Inspection of the Airplane and Finalize the Deal

After the seller and buyer have duly completed the bill of sale, the buyer should conduct a final inspection of the airplane. This inspection serves as a final check before the sale is finalized. Once the buyer ensures that all details of the airplane are satisfactory, they can proceed to the final step.

Step 4: Register the Sale of the Plane with the FAA

This final step legally recognizes the sale of the airplane. The buyer must register the plane with the FAA immediately after completing the final bill of sale. The required form for registration is AC Form 8050-1, which needs to be filed with the Federal Aviation Agency. Legal fees for registration are approximately $5 and may vary by state.

Bill of Sale Form for Aircraft


By following these steps, the completion of the airplane bill of sale will obtain legal recognition. We are confident that this article will be a valuable resource for all our readers during the process of buying or selling an airplane.

FAQs of Aircraft Bill of Sale Form

What is an Aircraft Bill of Sale form?

An Aircraft Bill of Sale form is a legal document used to transfer ownership of an aircraft from one party (the seller) to another party (the buyer). It outlines the terms of the sale and includes important details about the aircraft and the parties involved in the transaction.

Why is an Aircraft Bill of Sale necessary?

An Aircraft Bill of Sale is necessary to establish a clear transfer of ownership for an aircraft. It serves as a legal document that protects the rights and interests of both the buyer and the seller. It provides evidence of the transaction and helps ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

Who needs to fill out the Aircraft Bill of Sale form?

Both the seller and the buyer of an aircraft need to complete the Aircraft Bill of Sale form. The seller fills out the necessary information about the aircraft, while the buyer provides their details and acknowledges the terms of the sale. It is important that both parties review and agree upon the contents of the form before signing it.

What information is typically included in an Aircraft Bill of Sale form?

An Aircraft Bill of Sale form usually includes the following information:

  • Details of the aircraft (e.g., make, model, serial number, registration number)
  • Names and addresses of the seller and the buyer
  • Purchase price or agreed-upon value of the aircraft
  • Date of the sale
  • Terms and conditions of the sale, including any warranties or guarantees
  • Signatures of the seller and the buyer, along with the date of signing
Are there any specific requirements or regulations for an Aircrafts Bill of Sale form?

The requirements and regulations for an Aircraft Bill of Sale form may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the governing aviation authorities. It is essential to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations specific to the country or region where the sale takes place. Consulting legal professionals or aviation authorities can provide guidance on specific requirements.

Can I use a generic Bill of Sale form for selling an aircraft?

While a generic Bill of Sale form may cover basic sale transactions, its highly recommended to use a specialized Aircraft Bill of Sale form for selling an aircraft. Aircraft transactions involve unique considerations, such as registration requirements, aviation regulations, and specific details about the aircraft. Using a dedicated Aircraft Bill of Sale form ensures that all necessary information and legal aspects properly addressed.

Where can I obtain an Aircraft Bill of Sale form?

An Aircrafts Bill of Sale form can obtained from various sources, including aviation authorities, legal service providers, or online platforms. It is important to ensure that the form obtained is up-to-date, compliant with the relevant regulations, and suitable for use in the specific jurisdiction where the transaction occurs.

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