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Wisconsin Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form Free Template – PDF

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In Wisconsin, a Motorcycle Bill of Sale is a crucial legal document that substantiates the transfer of ownership of a motorcycle from the seller to the buyer. While not mandated by law, it stands as a prudent measure, strongly advised to safeguard the interests of both parties engaged in the transaction. This document meticulously delineates the particulars of the sale, serving as a safeguard against potential disputes or ambiguities. Its voluntary yet highly recommended nature underscores its role in fortifying the transaction’s clarity and ensuring a harmonious exchange between the seller and the buyer. 

Key Points of a Wisconsin Motorcycle Bill of Sale: 

  1. Date of Sale: This indicates the exact date when the ownership of the motorcycle is transferred from the seller to the buyer. 
  2. Seller Information: This includes the seller’s full name, address, and contact information, ensuring clear identification. 
  3. Buyer Information: This includes the buyer’s full name, address, and contact information, allowing for proper communication and recordkeeping. 
  4. Motorcycle Description: This provides a detailed description of the motorcycle, including make, model, year, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), color, odometer reading, and any unique features or modifications. 
  5. Sale Price: This clearly states the agreed-upon purchase price for the motorcycle, including any taxes or fees involved. 
  6. Payment Terms: This outlines the payment terms, such as the amount of any down payment, the method of payment, and the due date for the remaining balance. 
  7. Warranties and Conditions: This section specifies any warranties or representations made by the seller regarding the motorcycle’s condition, such as whether it is being sold “as-is” or with any limited warranties. 
  8. Signatures and Dates: Both the buyer and seller must sign and date the bill of sale, along with any witnesses if applicable. 

Additional Considerations for the Wisconsin Motorcycle Bill of Sale: 

  • Legibility: Ensure the bill of sale is written clearly and legibly to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes. 
  • Multiple Copies: Create multiple copies of the bill of sale for each party involved, keeping one for your records. 
  • Notarization: While not mandatory, notarizing the bill of sale adds an extra layer of legal validity. 
  • Title Transfer: In Wisconsin, motorcycle titles are not required for vehicles older than 1978. However, for newer vehicles, the seller must endorse and deliver the title to the buyer. 
  • Registration: The buyer is responsible for registering the motorcycle with the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 30 days of the sale. 

Template for a Wisconsin Motorcycle Bill of Sale: 

Wisconsin Motorcycle Bill of Sale 

Date: [Date of sale] 

Seller Information: 

Name: [Seller’s full name] Address: [Seller’s complete address] Phone Number: [Seller’s phone number] Email Address: [Seller’s email address] 

Buyer Information: 

Name: [Buyer’s full name] Address: [Buyer’s complete address] Phone Number: [Buyer’s phone number] Email Address: [Buyer’s email address] 

Motorcycle Description: 

Make: [Motorcycle make] Model: [Motorcycle model] Year: [Motorcycle year] VIN: [Motorcycle VIN number] Color: [Motorcycle color] Odometer Reading: [Motorcycle odometer reading] Unique Features or Modifications: [List any unique features or modifications] 

Sale Price: 

Purchase Price: [Agreed-upon purchase price] Taxes and Fees: [Amount of any taxes or fees] Total Sale Price: [Total sale price] 

Payment Terms: 

Down Payment: [Amount of any down payment] Method of Payment: [Method of payment] Due Date for Remaining Balance: [Due date for remaining balance] 

Simplifying the Transaction Process

Creating a Motorcycle Bill of Sale from scratch can be a challenging task. Utilizing a pre-designed template or document can significantly simplify the process and ensure all necessary details are accurately captured. A clear and organized bill of sale helps in avoiding misunderstandings and disputes during the transaction.


Whether you’re buying or selling a motorcycle in Wisconsin, having a well-documented Wisconsin Motorcycle Bill of Sale’s is essential. It provides legal protection, acts as a record of the transaction, and ensures a smooth transfer of ownership. Utilizing a pre-designed document or template from “The Bill of Sale” can make the process efficient and straightforward, ensuring all vital information is accurately recorded and documented.

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