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Washington Car Bill of Sale Form Free Template – PDF

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In Washington, a Car Bill of Sale is a vital document used in vehicle transactions to officially record the sale and transfer of ownership between a seller and a buyer. While the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) does not provide a specific form, a comprehensive Bill of Sale should include essential details to ensure a clear and legally binding agreement.

The document typically begins with the identification of the parties involved, including the full names, addresses, and contact information of both the seller and the buyer. The next crucial aspect is a detailed description of the vehicle being sold, encompassing information such as the make, model, year, color, vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate number, and odometer reading. This information is crucial for accurately identifying the vehicle in question.

The purchase price of the car should be clearly stated in the Bill of Sale, along with the agreed-upon payment method. Additionally, the document may include any conditions of the sale, warranties, or stipulations regarding the condition of the vehicle. If the sale is “as-is,” it should be explicitly mentioned to clarify that the buyer is accepting the vehicle in its current condition.

Both the seller and the buyer must sign and date the document to demonstrate their agreement to the terms outlined in the Bill of Sale. Although notarization is not mandatory in Washington, having the signatures notarized adds an extra layer of authenticity and can be beneficial in case of any disputes.

While a Washington Car Bill of Sale is a crucial record of the transaction, it does not replace the need for an official title transfer with the Washington State Department of Licensing. Both parties are responsible for completing the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership officially, ensuring that the buyer becomes the legal owner of the vehicle. Proper completion of these steps is essential to avoid legal complications and establish clear ownership of the car.

Key Components of the Car Bill of Sale

A well-structured Car Bill of Sale should encompass the following key components:

  1. Buyer and Seller Information:

    • Full legal names and addresses of both the buyer and seller.
    • Contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses.
  2. Vehicle Details:

    • Make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), and any other relevant identification details of the vehicle.
    • Description of the vehicle’s features and any accessories included in the sale.
  3. Sale Details:

    • Sale amount or agreed-upon exchange value.
    • Date of sale.
  4. Conditions of Sale:

    • Any warranties or guarantees provided by the seller.
    • Disclosures regarding the vehicle’s condition and history.
  5. Signatures and Notarization:

    • Signatures of both the buyer and seller.
    • A section for notarization if required.

Simplifying the Transaction Process

Creating a Washington Car Bill of Sale from scratch can be a daunting task. Utilizing a pre-designed template or document can significantly simplify the process and ensure all necessary details are accurately captured. A clear and organized bill of sale helps in avoiding misunderstandings and disputes during the transaction.


Whether you’re buying or selling a car in Washington, having a well-documented Washington Car Bill of Sale is essential. It provides legal protection, acts as a record of the transaction, and ensures a smooth transfer of ownership. Utilizing a pre-designed document or template from “The Bill of Sale” can make the process efficient and straightforward, ensuring all vital information is accurately recorded and documented.


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